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ground is saturated at this point everybody knows this creek by now. this is december 4th. it's already high. we think it's unusual. we call it national oceananic and atmospheric association today. we wanted to know how early is it for the ground to be saturated like this? average date would be december 12th. this year, ground was saturated november 28th in the north bay. leading to two more weeks with a great possibility of mudslides, and flooding. >> this small creek running to the sleepy hollow section of marin county has a reputation for packing a wallop when heavy rains come. if you find that difficult to believe here is proof. water logged furniture drying on lawns. more packed up and in route to disposal. the tired rory would lived through it sunday morning. >> this is the second time in
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14 years we've been here. so. >> when is the first time? >> new year's eve, 2005. >> yes. that year. the water shed year. the ground became saturated later than it already has. when this creek overflowed banks on surngd it took out a small bridge, topped off swimming pool, and ruined floors in at least two homes. figure a month until rory gets all of his damage repaired. a month that will, by then, just be days into what could be a very wet winter. and with saturated ground, all of this might happen, again. won't happen again. >> that is a concern. >> this is interesting enough. the tree is one of the water ways that feeds here in the creek. what you're looking at now, live. the next question is does what we have seen so far fall outside of the at stiftical average?
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the answer is no. but it's just on the edge. >> and thank you, wayne g news for skiers and boarders. heavenly mountain getting ready to top this week. heavenly provided these photos. the resort saw 42 inches of snow since thursday. the wind is very strong at times, check on that. heavenly says that the amount of snow puts them at mid winter levels. more snow expected to cover throughout the holidays. >> the san mateo county coast, sky 7 was overhead, crews worked hard to make sure theuqop roadway doesn't have slides following the reegsent storms. one way traffic control was in effect until 3:00 had afternoon. so that work could be dub. >> santa cruz mountains
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silicon valley millionaire john mafee crossed into guatemala from belize where he is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor, he's on the run with a 20-year-old girlfriend.
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he continues to be in contact with the media via interviews and e mails and blog posts. >> former bart officer and his wife were killed in what investigators believe was a murder suicide. the bodies of robert and amber seymor found shot to death in their north carolina home monday morning. the couple moved with their three kids in 2011 after robert seymor retired from bart. >> firefighters are mopping up after a blaze in two victorian homes in the haigt ash bury neighborhood. the fire broke out inside of an upper story of an apartment building on age street. it quickly spread to the attic of an adjoining building frkts sound electrical equipment. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. >> voters spoke rejecting a parcel tax for fire services in contra costa county. >> the decision made to close several stations there. abc news has a story from
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clayton. >> happening now in contra costa county, the board is making a difficult decision to close four fire stations w[ it's the only one in this small town. now, residents will face longer response times in qais case of a fire. the others are in martinez walnut creek and west lay fayette. no firefighters will lose their jobs?úñ and and a parcel tax for fire services on the ballot. >> they're going to have a deal yai. you never know when you have an emergency what time of the day or night. and it could mean the difference between five minutes and 10 minutes. it's for a fire, meaning a larger fire, and for life saving measures could mean life, or death. >> in clayton, abc 7 news. >> investigators looking into the cause of a fire in
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petaluma. >> sky 7 is above the scene, you can see crews trying to fight the flames there this, fire started about 3:30 this morning in a large home in a rural area. took crews about two hours to get it contained. it appears everybody did get out safely. >> game wardens shot and killed two mountain lion cubs near downtown half moon bay. the sheriff's office reported responded to a report of a lion in the 800 block of carrera street. the wardens tried to move them towards a ranch state park but the lions were back on the street next day. the wardens shot them. out of concern for public safety. the cubs were about nine months old. >> muni will be free for children of low income families. >> the vote was just this afternoon. >> yes. keira clapper has the hatest. >> happening now in san francisco, a two year fight is now over for advocates of low
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income familis. the mta board al yot heo indicated so children of the families can ride muni free. city hall rerupted with celebration the moment of board approved a funding. the money is a portion of an over all $6.7 million grant from the commission with it, 40,000 children of low income families will be able to ride free of charge during a 16 month pilot program between march, 2013 and july, 2014. this, opponents say the grant should have gone towards improving the system. others say it's a win, win, that has $5.1 million will fund fixing the oldest fleet in america giving children an opportunity they otherwise might not have had. >> a lot of folks go every day
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to school with this. they don't have enough money to pay for the bus. >> they must live 200% below poverty line in order to qualify. reporting from city hall, abc 7 news. >> an fran is a signature away from banning public nudity. the board voting 7-4. protestors tried to interrupt by ripping off clongz.8 officers are ready with towels. the ban just needs the mayor's signature to become law, next year. offenders will face possible jail time for violations. possible exemptions would be beta breakers and gay pride parade. >> oakland city council decided to make a decision on a dog park at lake shore avenue and mcarthur boulevard. oakland residents will have the opportunity to voice their opinions first.
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the meeting starts at 5:30. >> this afternoon aj strike by clerks shut down the ports of los angeles and long beach. following all night talks both sides agreed to early federal mediation. >> i'm more optimistic. there is movement being made on both sides. >> that strike is costing u.s. economy estimated $1pgañ billion per day in lost trades. truckers honoring ticket lines. clerical union says the únf$wguz is jobs being shipped overseas. the port says it's offering 600 clerksz lifetime job security. >> former command yefr a task force is pleading guilty. the attorney tells axe bc 7 news the client will admit to five counts tomorrow in oakland, welsh is accused of stealing drugs from evidence lockers trying to sell drugs on the streets. he was caught in a sting operation in february, last year with guilty plea, he
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faces a minimum of 10 years in prison. >> santa clara county board president wril have to immediately pay back nearly $13,000 after using his taxpayer funded credit cards for personal expenses. our media partner has obtained a scathing internal audit revealing supervisor wrapped up $36,000 in questionable charges in taking office in 2009. they include car rentals, and stays at casino hotel autos still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 net flix signs a deal with disney. >> arnold schwartzeneggar taking three? he fought global warming. >> later let speculation begin.
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positive news now on the housing front. home prices posted their biggest jump in more than six years in october according to data analysis. home prices rose 6.3% compared to october of last year, the biggest increase since june, 2006. and the 8th increase in home
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prices. >> hundreds of people lined up for a job fair co-sponsored by abc 7 today, recruiters looking to fill 350 jobs at this event. among companies that were hiring, highant reek yensy, california army national guard, new york life insurance, as well as sleep train. first in line today is santa clara residents looking forward to work for five months. >> should probably four different job agencies. i don't have to study anymore to take the test. you know? just looking for administrative work. and just trying to find where i can be. >> the next abc 7 job journal event is january 30th at hilton garden inn. >> facebook users need to know the company is taking a poll on proposed changes. the l.a. times reporting 100,000 users already voted, voting 10-1 against changes. one proposal doing away with right to face on changes in
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the future. this social networking site proposed revisions to its data use policy and responsibilities in november, 21. the proposal sparked outrage from groups that sent open letter to the facebook ceo, object together proposal. facebook using a customized app to have collect the votes and the third party will tally results. voting ends on monday. >> president obama tells bloomberg in an interview, that ceos need to start hiring again. >> willow bay joins with us that and more this afternoon's after the bell report. willow? >> hi, yes. president obama granted a first television interview since reelection to bloomberg. the president made it clear he considers tech sector to be a key driver of growth. he met with business leaders in silicon valley. and talk about the power of an
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nation to create jobs. much of the interview is focused on the fiscal cliff. it also talked about topics vital to tech and business communities. and what more could be done to boost the economy. here is some of what he had to say. >> conversation was ceos, they teal me we're ready to fire. -- hire. but we want a little bit of certainty out there. and what is missing is not only a deal, on long term deficit reduction. what smising is steps we can be taking now. >> if you own shares of oracle, next check will be bigger than usual. ora cell will pay next three dividends at once. the software giant joins a lift of companies moving dividends forward into the year to avoid a phone shall tax hike in january. and shares of pandora falling
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after the company says the loss will be wider than forecast. it wasn't all bad news, pan doora said sales rose 60% and profits rose 187%. stocks were little changed after the president held his ground about raising taxes to the highest income tern americans. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed qlor, apple, google and ebay dragging index down. disney and net flix reached an agreement giving subscribers first access to movies made by pixar, disney and marvel set to be released in to 16. this is the first time that a major studio bypassed traditional cable tv outlets. disney is the parent company of abc 7. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm willow bay with bloomberg west. back to you. >> willow, thank you. >> let's take a look outside now. spencer chris chen is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> let me look outside. >> yes. >> there is fancy stuff, too
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here is a live view from our camera. mount tam camera showing you conditions above mount tam. it's probably not a comfortable place to be right now. in bay level, it's calmer much of the bay area. here is live doppler 7 hd. there is a batch of moisture well to our north. pockets are working down into the immediate bay area, we've got moisture down near fremont. and a little bit in the north bay. widely scattered right now. you can see massive moisture to our north. the rain moving around sea ranch right now towards clover dale, it's working farther south and eastward. we'll see more wide spread rainfall then we're seeing at the moment. temperatures upper 50s to low
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60s. a uniform range of readings. scattered showers most of the evening and overnight. well see a drier pattern beginning on thursday lasting for a due days. approaching system is producing all of the rainfall which is to our northwest at the moment but moving into our direction. we'll start at 7:00 this evening, we'll see more wide spread rain than we're seeing now or, perhaps, showers, then, during late night hours, up to about 5:00 in the morning we'll see showers and rain more wide spread. later in the day rain intensifies in spots. there will be a more compressed area of rainfall. but it's going to be steadier rain there mid day tomorrow. and into mid morning hours, then, as we get into late afternoon hours, we'll see
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sort of breaking up so showers come back in. we see some clearing. rainfall totals will have grown fos bli an inch and a half in the north bay, maybe up to half an inch in the east bay. about an inch in santa cruz mountains. our three day forecast for tahoe shows rain tomorrow, we'll have to go above 90,000 feet to find snow. back to the bay area tonight, low temperatures into mid-50s, will be mild for the showers. then, tomorrow, we'll see some scattered showers and some sun breaking through from time to time. high temperatures into low 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. dry thursday, raiders day. dry weather friday, saturday, sunday as well. milder early next week. >> hoping it will rain only on peyton manning during this. >> oh!
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>> let's have a dark cloud. >> yes. yes. >> kind of a lineus thing. >> yes. >> help the raiders out. >> thank you. >> coming up next, fleetwood mac fans celebrating a big announcement. >> nick lachey kicked out of a football game. how he's now defending himself. >> the fight to end bullying. winner as nounsed in san francisco buy, buy, bullying video contest. >> and checking traffic one more time the east bay that looks fantastic it's moving. back to the east abc 7 sports
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rumors are true. fleetwood mac announced it's reuniting for a 2013 tour, the band members signed on for the tour. 34 cities kicking off april 4th engineer columbus, ojai yes. the only bay area performance is set for may 22. at hp pavilion. i guarantee you it's going to
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be a hot ticket. >> more entertainment news. a reality star ties the knot and nick lachey gets into a little bit of trouble in a football game. >> tv personality nick lachey trying to cleert air after a stadium scuffle got him kicked out. here is a twitter picture showing a friendly interaction from a young fan with the opposing team. his rep says a verbal exchange with another fan went too far. lachey tweeted i don't appreciate someone turning around and putting their finger in my face, call me crazy but that deserved a reaction. his rep denied him striking anyone or using derogatory language to anyone in the stadium. now, to modern family far rico rodriguez sat down with us to chat about his new book. real life blessings, so far, there is a captainer dedicated to his real life mom and his tv mom.
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>> i'm a huge mama boy. i learn about so feea. she's motherly to me as well, they're so nice, how me, my mom and her get along. it's great. >> that is rico on modern family, wednesday night. also on abc a tv event when the bachelorett ties the knot. she got married this weekend to the man she chose on the show. you can watch yourself december 16th. get more tv news, liking on the red carpet on facebook. >> arnold schwartzeneggar taking on a role as executive producer, teeming up with director james cameron to create a documentary series about global climate change for show time. schwartzeneggar promoted legislation as the california governor, and signed a bill limiting the state's green house gas emission. the documentary series is set
4:27 pm
to air next year. >> it would be his auto biography title as well. >> yes. >> parents miswe haifing. a competitive group of parents getting out of hand after camping out at the school for days. >> royal baby watch. a concerned father to be at the hospital with his pregnant wife. what the rest of the world is jumping way ahead. >> protecting elderly from scams and abuse. michael finney will be along with morn tips to make sure your loved ones do not become victims.
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we begin this half hour with latest on efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff. the plan being put forward is now coming under fire from within his own party. president obama says there will be no deal unless republicans drop opposition to raising taxes on wealthyest americans. we have more now from washington, d.c.. >> was the white house and congressional republicans put forward a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff, now, they're miles apart, gaining in their heels. the president told bloomberg tv a deal is possible, but... >> this proposal now is still
4:31 pm
out of balance. >> the plan sent yesterday offers a total of 2 tth $2 trillion in deficit reduction including $1.2 trillion in spending cuts. and00 billion in new tax revenue no. rate increases in top two percent of taxpayers. that is nonnegotiatable for the president. >> we're not going to be able to get a deal without it white house says the math doesn't add up. >> it's magic beebs and fairy dust. >> with just 28 days until deadline, negotiations reach aid stalemate. >> there is nothing going on privately that is not going on publicly. >> there are no plans at this time for leaders to meet with the president at the while the house. it doesn't sound like he's sending out invitations any type soon. >> i don't think that the yish now has to do with sitting in a room. >> today, the president did meet with the bipartisan group of governors. >> we understand will be a shared sacrifice. have you to look at cuts.
4:32 pm
states are willing to do more with less. >> the governors didn't endorse a proposal but said something needs to be done to avoid massive, mandatory cuts that will happen if there is no deal. abc news, washington. >> and on to other news of the day. i had honor of helping to judge videos created by bay area teenagers with powerful antibullying messages. the san francisco district attorney sponsored this contest, announce winners today. it was created to bring awareness and help children come up with responses to bullying. 58 videos were received from san francisco students in middle and high school. first place video create bid students at st. ignacious high school. >> we've been through a lot over the years. and we're happy we come away
4:33 pm
with this. >> they receive a plaque, ipad minies and a baseball signed by barry zito. >> a group of responsible kids in contrast with this. chaos breaking out with parents trying to register in a magnet school in south carolina. take a look. >> i want my kids to have better opportunities. >> interest is no perfect system. someone not going get in that wants to get in. >> one woman injured in a stampede yesterday. these are the paernts trying to enroll in an elementary school in greenville with a special engineering curriculum. the parents began lining up friday evening. the district says it's now considering using a lottery system to avoid this kind of a problem next year. good idea. >> oh, my goodness. >> yes. >> new jersey mayor cory booker eating this week on a little under $5 a day. that is what people on food
4:34 pm
stamps can get. he took the challenge by one of his twitter followers asking for an exchange about the role government should play in school food programs. we'll see how they do. >> it's been less than 24 hours since duke and duchess of cambridge announced they're expecting a baby. already speculation on the baby's sex, and name. >> the heir to the british thrown was back at the hospital today here in london, worrying over another heir. a baby. and his very ill wife, the duchess of cambridge. 18 months after they were married the couple expecting their first child but thing dz not go as planned. kate is very early in her pregnancy. because she's so ill, and rb spending days in the hospital, the couple felt they had to tell the world. she has is called hyper
4:35 pm
emisies gravidarum. >> this is unstoppable throwing up, you can't hold any fluids or food down, some cases hospitalization is require ootd news sent off a frenzy, consuming not just british media but world media. >> speculation now turns to the baby's sex and name. >> we think it's going to be a girl and if it is going to be a girl elizabeth is the 8th favorite. who better to name the baby than after her math city, the queen? >> the parliament is moving to scrap a centuries old law putting male heirs ahead of their older sisters. the first time, whether the baby is a boy or a girl, he, or she, will be a few tour king, or queen. abc news, london. >> still ahead a remix of the
4:36 pm
top hits and a vinyl cat are hottest you tube video autos this picture caught the nation's attention. a follow up on a homeless man given a pair of boots by a new york police officer. >> a flash mob helps to bring a mile to -- smile to a teacher battemming cancer. >> from our camera, we can see clouds and rainy season accompanied by rain. i'm spencer christian. the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> take a look at the commute looking down at mcarthur maze from our camera atop a building in emeryville. it's slow going heading left to right towards berkeley. better for those heading towards san francisco and back. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues in just a moment
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following up on a story about a new york city cop who bought a man who is homeless and shoeless a pair of boots on a cold night last month. the nosh nork daily news is reporting he has an apartment in the bronx paid for by a new york city agency that provides assistance and says that an agency spokeswoman according to her he has a history of turning down help including the boots. the "new york times" adds he's taken them off, hidden the boots because he's afraid someone is going steal them, his relatives say they will continue trying to reach out to him. >> friends and family came together in an amazing show of support for an elementary
4:40 pm
schoolteacher battling cancer. take a look. >> hundreds gathered in a field outside of a hospital in boston to surprise eileen mcgurk. she hasn't been feeling well, so they organized a dance to lift spirits. the big finale, the large group spread out. friends played music so it could sync up with routines on the field. >> a lot of love. i'm sure she appreciates it. >> spencer christian keeching an eye on the approaching storm. >> yes. big picture on live doppler 7. you can see a large mass of moisture well north. some off shower. a little bit is working into the bay area, we're mainly precipitation-free but farther north, up on the northern coastline now, we've got areas of substantial rainfall near sea ranch. wet weather now, showers, light rain over clover dale.
4:41 pm
so it's slowly working south ward and eastward during overnight hours, we'll see wide spread showers, tomorrow, state wide, showers, rainfall in the northern half of the state. will be sunny skies, dry, warm into the south half of the state. here in the bay area, we'll have scattered showers tonight, becoming more wide spread during overnight hours, tomorrow, early, steady rainfall in spots. will be wet for morning commute tomorrow, later in the day we'll see rainfall giving way to just scattered showers. so we'll see partly sunny skies in the afternoon tomorrow, high temperatures into low 60s around the bay area tomorrow, maybe reaching towards mid-60s pushing south ward towards san jose down towards morgan hill. by thursday, we'll clear up and dry out. that is great news for fans. raiders taking on denver broncos right here on thursday night football. >> yes.
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>> i love we declared it raider's day. >> are you having trouble finding a dj for a holiday party? why not give your cat a spin? >> what that is about and fers all top pop songs at once. >> here is a look at the hottest you tube videos first up a danceology video remixing all top hits of the year into one seamless megamix. here is a clip from the 2012 edition. he spends months putting these match ups together. he credits this with his obsessive personality disorder. interesting. up next a musical performance, rapper dmx reimage yinz the holiday standard, rudolph the
4:43 pm
red-nosed rained year. -- reindeer. >> that is blowing up right now online. our final musician of the day not even human, introducing vinyl cat. >> come on, how card this will be. >> see you next time, bay area. >> thank you. the cats, love the cat. >> a gene being linked to teen binge drinking. >> san francisco's outside lands releases a date for next summer's event. >> i'm michael finney. scams targeting the elderly are on the rise.
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>> a study suggests an addition gene could be helping to fuel teenager binge
4:47 pm
drinking. it could find those with that gene variation drank more often at age 16 than those without it. the study appears in proceedings of national academy of sciences. >> consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side to report on financial elder abuse. >> michael? >> as we've reported many times, older americans are easy victims for scam artists. consumer reports found it's trusted family and friends who are busing the elderly by draining bank accounts, selling valuables or get this, taking over their homes and other real estate. the crimes can often be very, very difficult. >> 74-year-old arthur green spent years building his lakeside home, he says he was persuaded to sign it to his granddaughter and was told he would could live out his days there. >> all of a sudden she's like a -- i don't know what.
4:48 pm
snap of the finger she's changed and got money hungry. >> she tried to evict him and sell the property. >> he was at risk of homelessness and impoferished. this land and house is anything of any value he owns in the world. >> green's lawyer says financial exploitation of seniors is all too common and often goes unreported. a consumer reports investigation finds theft and fraud is on the rise. >> care givers, family members and neighbors they can use all kinds of tactics to raid assets autos they can be as obvious as forging signatures on checks, begging for loans never paid back, or abusing power of attorney. >> when you give power of attorney, it can give them unfeddered access to your accounts. someone who misuses those can do damage. it's a real problem. >> consumer reports says to help prevent elder abuse have
4:49 pm
bank statements sent to a person you trust. and consult a elder law attorney for advice on wills and limiting power of attorney. fortunately for arthur a legal services program obtained a court order voiding the granddaughter's deed, returning the property to him. consumer reports says if you or an elderly relative is concerned a gr is national center fof elder abuse. look it up now, before you need it important information. michael, thank you. >> sure. >> san francisco outside lands music festival announce dates for next summer earlier than in previous five years. the event will run from august 9th through 11th in golden gate park. organizers expecting sixth edition to be the biggest yet.
4:50 pm
they'll distribute 10,000 more tickets than in 2010. rec and parks department netted $1.7 million last year. >> still ahead sheriff's department defending a proposal to use a new crime fighting tool. take a look. proof the drone would be used for more than just tracking down suspects, next. >> also coming up why it's not a good idea to bring a giraffe to a holiday celebration. >> in the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 5:00 fight to walk around nude in san francisco gets ulgly. one advocate snaps a bathroom photo of an opponent. and a golden goodwell find for one secondhand shopper. she stumbles on art worth a small fort yooun.
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sheriff's department being criticized for wanting to wi a drone. the sheriff's department calling it an unmanned aerial system. we have reaction from the privacy rights groups to fear deputies will use the technology to spy on citizen autos this is a case of technology getting ahead of society aassumptions about pry vassy. sheriff departments have been able to fly these pretty much whenever they wanted this, is the unmanned aerial vehicle the sheriff's department wants to buy. battery powered drown carries a camera, and can fly short distances at very little cost. and with a home land security grant its small and light. >> the sheriff says it would a tool p search and rescues. >> we're looking for people
4:55 pm
and individuals at risk. >> the sheriff's department is said the device could be used for information gathering. this is a red flag the attorney got up to argue gus that such a system needs strict rules. perhaps a warrant from a judge before it could be used. >> because technology makes it cheaper, and easy. that is why we need your oversight. >> aclu objections came after the sheriff had pulled the item. the sheriff said waits a mistake to switch to a vote without a public hearing on privacy concerns. >> no date has been set. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 we're going look in light of the cameras that are
4:56 pm
already out there. >> this is a video of a giraffe being frightened during a weekend pageant in south carolina. you can see the giraffe here. the wrangler prevented the animal from bolting into the crowd. nobody was hurt. the giraffe is safe as well. raider fans showing us their team pride. who knew santa was a fan? he took a break to visit the black hole for the game. and this is two week old james, his parents say he's a born raiders fan. raiders day begins tomorrow with a special pregame edition of abc 7 news here at 6:30 p.m. then, we get it going on thursday with yours truly hosting a special pregame show at 4:00.
4:57 pm
and at 5:00 abc 7 coverage of the denver oakland game begins live from the coliseum. once it ends i'll be along and we'll return with the post game. >> i heights and reaction with after the game, then off to abc programming in the evening. grey's anatomy airing at 9:00 p.m. there is a special edition of abc news at midnight on thursday. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. details in the kidnapping and saumt of a girl from oakland. the police chief calls it the most sickening case in his career. >> he i'm sandhya patel. live from the roof of the broadcast center it's breezy. next storm is approaching. i'll let you know what it's going to bring for morning commute. in just a few minute autos
4:58 pm
fight for nude any san francisco gets nasty. one advocate tries to snap bathroom photos of an opponent. >> crews spent the day mopping up this mudslide. you can see rain delayed damage from sky 7 hd, making interstate 8 until two hours ago. >> near the coast, caltrans crews are busy doing road work repairs to prevent erosion on highway 1. drivers had to alternate a lane to get by the work most of the day. >> this is a live picture from our camera. you can see some rain drops on the lens. >> good evening. how much is coming? when? that is the question. let's start with our storm watch coverage with sandhya patel.
4:59 pm
>> right i wanted to come up here to take a look at what it's like here. it's breezy. clouds gathering and still dry now. it's raining north as you look at a loser view, we take you up to yu kaia. some rainfall. showing the sea ranch area, along highway 1 we're seeing moderate rainfall right now. this system is not quite impressive. but... it's going to make for a messy morning rush hour, take a look at this. you'll notice light rain, moderate rain in the north bay. we head into 9:00 a.m. and could see some briefly heavy pockets around 11:00 a.m. we have a radar on m

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